A Greedy Confession

I’m going to make a confession. More or less everything I do is with the belief that I will get something back in return. Let’s be honest, not very “new economy” to feel this way.

I look back at the generations. My family left a third world country (Greece in the late 1950’s) and came to America. They were very poor and acted like poor people. They worked hard and did not spend any money, unless they had to.

I grew up in a middle class family. Sincerely, I’ve tried to lose the middle class shackles of my life, but it’s what I know. It’s what I knew before I learned anything else. What my mom and dad knew just naturally rubbed off on me.

This is how I came to the revelation of my confession. Slowly, I move away from it. Now, I do things that I think will make money, first, and make people happy second. Still not there yet.

The goal is to make a lot of people happy and get their attention. Then anything you do will be successful or so I hear.

This inspiration was inspired by a post by Seth Godin titled Like a Dream Come True. He mentions Derek Sivers (founder of CDBaby). Derek’s goal is to make the ultimate music producer for musicians. He’s going to accomplish this by this matra: “What could I build that would be a like a dream come true for independent musicians?”

I wish Seth would have provided some examples of the companies that “did” as opposed to “want to do”. He has in the past, but I don’t feel like digging. A pretty good example that I can think of is Google and Facebook.

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