Advertising on social networks

Who’s not talking about social networks. It’s never been easier to connect. With great opportunity comes complexity.

Seth Godin nails it with this comment: “Yet, panicked marketers still look for scale (How many followers can we get? What can we do with a Facebook fan page?) and then hijack that attention, hoping to filter out the masses and get a few sales.”

Spamming people until they join your group is the equivalent of selling a time share. It’s not fun. I’d rather get a root canal.

Also most of these groups, company Facebook pages, are made up of desperate entrepreneurs trying to create something that’s not there. They want to believe,“If we all join, and get big, maybe people will not notice our obvious attempt to sell them something.” If this has worked before, please let me know.

So what’s the answer? Authenticity …. just like in the real world. The group has to real and have a genuine purpose that’s not fueled primarily by monetary gain.

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