Am I an accidental SEO savant?

Just some context, I have a personal blog named Official Buziness – Are you an entrepreneur? I was looking for a book that I read a while back by Po Peabody called Lucky or Smart. I wrote a review of the book, which I loved by the way.

Now the point of this post, I Googled “Bo Peabody” and my blog post showed up on the first page of Google. Not only is it on the first page of google, but it’s ahead of articles on Bo Peabody from: Inc. Magazine, USA Today and Fast Company. I’m also one spot behind his book on Amazon.

I want to share my theory:

  • Google loves blogs
  • Google loves sites that update their content regularly.
  • Your outgoing links are as important as your incoming links
  • Headers are extremely important
  • Word Density is extremely important ( I wrote “Bo Peabody” 4 times in my article). The other newspapers only 3, 2 and 1 respectively.
  • Google must not weigh heavily how many people click on your site b/c my post is new and the others have been read thousands of times. In the past I thought this was part of the formula. Maybe it is, but it can’t be that big a part.

If you don’t believe me, you can Google “Bo Peabody” yourself.

Now for the “keepin’ it real moment of the day”, “Bo Peabody” is searched about 600 times per month, so there isn’t too much competition. The point is that Google picked my blog ahead of three national publications and my PR (Google Page Rank) is a 1 (out of 10).

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