At last, victory is mine

I finally emptied out my inbox. What a relief.

This is beautiful:

All my follow up emails and mini projects did not disappear. I moved them over to Todoist. Todoist is an excellent GTD (Getting Things Done) tool. Now, I’ll get back to my system, but first I want to discuss why I like having an empty inbox.

If you sit at your computer and refresh your inbox and you constantly see a huge list of emails, it can wear on you. It’s like “out of sight, out of mind.” Now, I’m not, not going to get stuff done. I’m just going to approach getting stuff done more systematically. Things will get done when they need to get done.

Having a huge inbox can suppress your entrepreneurial juices. It’s like leaving a stack of bills your desk to constantly look at.

Instead of being a slave to my inbox, scanning it up and down, one at a time and dealing with things, I move them over to Todoist. Todoist is nice b/c with their Gmail toolbar button, I can move emails over there, open and view them at any time. Some people may use folders in their email program, but these folders do not allow you to date, apply priority and order them.

Now, I look at my Todoist a few times a day and knock things down. I also create a project for each person that I work or collaborate with. This way, when they call me, I can open up their project.

My inspiration for this was Tim Ferriss’ 4-Hour Work Week. Tim gives great advice on productivity. I highly recommend reading his book.

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