Best of Chicago 2009

This is not a business post, but I think it’s worth including. Most people that travel have passed through Chicago at one point or another. This article was compiled by an excellent free magazine in Chicago called The Chicago Reader.

It’s broken down into these categories:

  • art and architecture
  • bars and clubs
  • fashion
  • food and drink
  • glbtq
  • lit
  • movies
  • music
  • performing arts

I was born in Chicago and have lived inside the city or the surrounding area all my life, but I bet I’ve never heard of half the places on these lists.

Right out of the box, I was intrigued and disappointed by the sub category of Best Building to Show Out of Town Guests. The people’s choice was the John Hancock observatory. Booooo. I guess if you’ve never seen a big city, sure why not. The Reader’s Choice is the Chicago Cultural Center, which I’ve never been to, but will have to check out now. This building boasts the world’s largest Tiffany’s dome.

Showing a sense of humor under the Bar and Clubs list is the Best Douchebag Watching. The people chose John Barleycorn in Wrigleyville. I dare anyone to go here after a Chicago Cubs night game, upstairs. There’s enough douchebags to wash the Statue of Liberty’s vagina in this place.

The category I’m most intersted in is food and drink. I went through pretty much everyone. I’m definately going to check out The Two Brothers micro-brewery in Warrenville.

All in all, this list is a valiant effort. It’s worth checking out here.

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