Bill Gates success explained

I always enjoy the debunking of myth. Did Bill Gates take a big risk? In hindsight “no”, but at the the time, in his mind, that was a big risk. The big challenge is handling that risk psychologically, and he did.

Tim Ferriss puts an excerpt in his blog from a new book by Rick Smith titled “The Leap“.

Was the risk measured? The short answer is “No.”  How could he know the upside was $60b in personal wealth? Sure he mitigated the downside by keeping the door open at Harvard.

Bill Gates best asset was his support system. Most of us would have sold the program to IBM for what we thought was a lot of money. Instead, Gates retained the rights to his program. That’s how he became the richest man in the world and not just another rich man.

If you like what you read, the Huffington Post also has a separate excerpt from the book.

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