Biz Stone on Succeeding….Where Others Fail

Twitter just had an amazing IPO.  Ironic because all the press was saying that Twitter was over valued, but it managed was up 73% above their initial offering price.  Not sure if Twitter is worth $30b today, but what is true is that the team that created Twitter is very rich now.  I’d like to share some advice from Biz Stone.  He’s a billionaire now and is feeling generous with his advice.

“If I had one piece of advice to tell an entrepreneur, I always say, you have to have emotional investment in what you are working on……..You can’t just be working on something because you think other people will like it. That’s a huge mistake. The big thing I learned at Odeo was you have to be emotionally invested in your work or failure is guaranteed.”

Long story short, you have to really, really care about your product and your customers.  What’s remarkable about Twitter is that they held off the Googles and Facebooks who tried to start competing services.  Twitter won because they kept getting better.

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