Book review of Rework

I think Rework is an excellent purchase.  The authors are very generous with their advice.  I love how it’s structured b/c it makes it easy to jump around and read a few pages at a time.  This may sound like a back-handed compliment, but it’s an excellent coffee table book.

Now, who should buy this book?  If you’re looking for Good to Great, Rework is not for you.  Rework is not your typical business book.  It’s simple advice that you can use in your business and your life.

Rework gives a lot of advice.  I don’t think the authors expect you to take it as law, but their writing style is very persuasive.  Some of it’s counterintuitive, but that’s what makes the book interesting.  They don’t pump you up.  They give it to you straight.

Rework has a number of great reviews from people like Seth Godin, Mark Cuban, Tony Heich and I’m pretty sure they’ve got a bromance going on w/ Jeff Bezos.  Are they great marketers or are their ideas that good?  I think it’s both.  Rework is a book I’ll pick up every couple of months.

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