Can you learn business in school?

I’ll say this, a business plan means more to the entrepreneur than the investor.  A business plan is a good way to do your home work.  Yet, the academic world spends way too much time on this.

Personally, outside of the network component, I think most academic institutions are disingenuous.  The academic stuff is sort of a byproduct of the experience.

For example, am I successful b/c I went to Harvard or got in?

Here is what Sramana Mitra had to say in his Washington Post article titled “Why B-Schools Set Up Entrepreneurs To Fail.”

“Business schools launch students into the real world with completely unrealistic expectations, set up to fail.”

I’m not saying that business school or any other school is evil.  The reason why it’s so contentious is that everytime someone loses a job or needs to make money, they’re first thought is going back to school.  Going back to school can make the problem worse.  Going into debt and giving away another 2 years of your life, is not the answer.

My advice to people is build your network.  Find a mentor; someone that’s successful.  The masses are hardly ever right.

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