Can you monetize art?

Seth Godin writes in his post, “If you do your art and the market rejects you, though, you need to make a choice. If your art has no market, it’s still art. It just might not be a living.”

Rather than getting into a long discussion about art, I will say this. You can not contemplate art. It just happens. If you’re trying to monetize it, guess what, it’s not art.

I’ve been reading Kevin Kelly’s, “New Rules for the New Economy” and I’m wondering whether everything that we do that’s successful leads to the same source? Essentially, is what you’re offering people moving us closer to complete and total convergence.

Has it been going on all along? The first fire brought the caveman closer together. I can picture this warm fire, huddling the original man closer together, making him and her more cooperative.

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