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Can you learn business in school?

I’ll say this, a business plan means more to the entrepreneur than the investor.  A business plan is a good way to do your home work.  Yet, the academic world spends way too much time on this. Personally, outside of the network component, I think most academic institutions are disingenuous.  The academic stuff is sort of a […]

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College or Startup?

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Side projects matter

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Dotcom pioneer practically wiped out

John McAfee, software entrepreneur, and the namesake of McAfee Associates has seen his fortune dwindle from $100m to $4m. It’s an interesting story for a few reasons. First, does he even care? He lives in Belize where $4m still makes you super rich. How do you go from $100m to $4m? The article sites the […]

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One of my favorite people, Eckhart Tolle, said: “You can not become successful. You can only be successful.” So why do the same people consistently succeed and others do not. Some people succeed on their first try, but most fail a few times. With that being said, the guy that says, running a business is […]

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Amazon buys Zappos

Ok. Amazon just bought Zappos for $807M in stock and $40M in cash. From a money standpoint, if Amazon thought their stock price was over valued, buying w/ stock is a great idea. Investors thought so. The stock is up 1.36% after the announcement. So did Amazon overpay? I guess we’ll see. That $807M in […]

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Want to create a brand?

I think it goes this way: Find something you love. Make sure that a large percentage of the population uses. Ensure it’s quality at any cost. If you do these three things, eventually, you’ll have a brand. Brand is all about quality. Tweet This Post

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Using Wikis

I started using a free, hosted wiki service called If you’re not familiar with wikis, the most famous example is Wikipedia. PBworks uses their own proprietary version of a wiki, so its not open source and you can’t download the source code. Personally, I’m fine with that b/c it’s not easy to administer this […]

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Review of Bo Peabody’s “Lucky or Smart”

I was initially exposed to “Lucky or Smart” by “The 100 Best Business Books of All Time“. I do most of my reading on the Internet, but “The 100 Best…” is a great coffee table book. It’s also turned me onto some good business book, like the one in this review. What I truly love […]

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