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Growing your followers exponentially

Seth Godin provides a nice blue print for growing your followers called First, Ten. You may love your idea, but it doesn’t mean everyone will love it right away. What people need to realize is that products and services come out every day. Filtering out these products through friends and trusted sources is very important […]

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Stop doing what everyone else is doing

Kosta and I keep on thinking of ways we can get exposure for our software company Intro XL.  We can make an eye catching ad and put it in our industry magazine.  That’s fine and it part of the puzzle, but there are ten other companies offering the same thing.  Putting all our hopes in […]

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College kids can push your biz into the mainstream

Facebook is probably the best example of how college kids can virally spread your idea. Kind of like Malcolm Gladwell describes in The Tipping Point, college kids are today’s mavens and connectors. There are many reasons for this: College kids don’t respond to tranditional marketing messages as much as the mainsteam. They’ve got a lot […]

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Microsoft’s New Seinfeld Ads

People have been critical of Microsoft’s new commercial featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates.  Some have said that the bit is “nonsensical” and that it has nothing to do with Windows.   Many also think that the Mac versus PC ads are sheer genuis.   I feel the exact opposite way.  Personally, I think every […]

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PR versus an endorsement

Seth Godin list quite a few successful companies that made it without big PR during their launch. These companies and or products include: Starbucks, Apple, Nike, Harry Potter, Google, William Morris, The DaVinci Code, Wikipedia, Snapple, Geico, Linux, Firefox and yes, Microsoft. Now, let’s not mistake PR for a good endorsement. PR works for large […]

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Think Like Your Customer

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