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Personal power – What or where is it?

How goofy or remarkable is it for me to post in my blog a book review on Amazon? It’s a pretty good review. It happens to be written by an author of business and management books. His name is Dan Blokowiak. Here is his review. I originally decided to learn more about this book through […]

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“Begin with the end in mind.”

I can’t take credit for the title of this post. It belongs to Stephen Covey. It says that you need to have an ultimate goal and make decision along the way that will achieve that goal. One area that I think is most common is how people, mostly workers, choose to make their money. We […]

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Read Faster. Way Faster. No, really, I mean WAY faster.

Extremely useful online speed reading java applet. Any text you copy and paste into it is “flashed” one word at time as fast as you’d like. I never truly understood what speed reading is. Now, I understand. Essentially, you train your brain to NOT vocalize or pronounce the words it is reading. Instead, you scan […]

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