Dotcom pioneer practically wiped out

John McAfee, software entrepreneur, and the namesake of McAfee Associates has seen his fortune dwindle from $100m to $4m.

It’s an interesting story for a few reasons. First, does he even care? He lives in Belize where $4m still makes you super rich. How do you go from $100m to $4m? The article sites the sale of a $11.5 million aerotrekking facility in New Mexico. This property sold at auction for $1.15M. This is about 10% of what he spent, which puts it in line with his other investments.

This guy had $100m in ’94. It’s estimated that the dot-com market bubble burst in 2001. You have to think a pioneer like this would have appreciated that $100m.

I’d love to hear the real story b/c none of this adds up.

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