Electric Guitar Star Spangled Banner – Who Did It the Best?

The best, IMO, is Joe Satriani. He just nails it. Everything is perfect. He captures the essence of the song. He nailed it in front of 50,000 people outside at the Raiders Colliseum.

Zakk Wylde form the Ozzy Osbourne Band is amazing and fast. It’s a metal version and awesome.

Jimmy Hendrix at Woodstock is the most creative. It really captures the American society during the Vietnam War. It was a time when the country was torn in two parts.

Ted Nugent is excellent….and nuts.

Slash’s version is very tight. His cords are deliberate and sound great.

Santana’s version is very somber and I love it.

Honorable mention is an unknown solider in the Middle East playing his version:

Honorable mention Jeries Alfeih in San Francisco with his own unique version.

James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett of Metallica is good, but man, if James Hetfield say….now that would be something.

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