Finding Your Purpose

I was moved by this video on Youtube about Nisargadatta Maharaj – Awaken To The Eternal.

His teachings seem very similar to Christs.  The common thread is the enlightenment.  Christs’ teachings have resonated for so long because his Crucifixion left an imprint on the people he influenced that has resonated over 2,000 years later.  Unfortunately, his teachings have filled the space where earthly power exists……that has existed since mankind made the big evolutionary jump.  It has been converted to the same thing that all dominant past religions were….mostly a dominant system.  It’s inherent in our human-ess.  We can’t not remove it as long as we identify with our egos…what makes us human  It’s part of us the process.

When you can look at something that is “good” and believe it is nothing and something “bad” and believe it is nothing…you’re there.  You can allow everything outside of you to pass through you without creating a mental fingerprint.

“You want what you don’t have and you have what you don’t want.”  If you can flip that, you can move past it.  What you have is you and that’s good enough or perfect.  What you don’t have is a void in your mind.  The void is completely mental.

Identification – Everything we say and do contributes to our identity.  An earing or tattoo puts us in a group of people.  Being a good business person places us in another group.  Without fighting, we need to strip that away.  Only you know, in your heart, the intentions of what you do.  A good result with an untrue intention sets you back.

Your religion tries to help you.  What we do unintentionally is brain wash our children into believing something.  Instead we should teach our children to know what they see.  Teach to learn, not hard code them.  It’s what we knew before we could understand.

Helping people.  If you’re helping people to make yourself feel better or to place yourself in a higher esteem, you are hurting yourself. You create a buffer between who you are and the real you.  Are you two people?  No, but you are two things.  To feel poor is the same as to feel rich.  Both are rooted in creating an identity.

When you are pure of heart, everything comes from a place that does not think.  Nothing is premeditated.  You do (and do not do) things for the right reasons.  These reasons are in line with your true self.

If you are happy at your core, you do not need to search for anything.  Don’t screw with that 😉

My goal is to bring awareness to everything I do in my life.  Then I will see who I am and what is my path.

Things that sound good, but fuel our ego:
“I’m trying to be a good person, here”.  You can’t try.  Only be.  The ego is powerful.  The ego gets results.  Again, good results from untrue intentions pushes you away from who you truly are.

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