Gmail’s new “Priority Inbox”

For Gmail lovers, the new Priority Inbox is great. Let’s face it, Google hates clutter and Gmail was getting cluttered.

Let’s go back in time. Gmail, in the beginning, did not have folders. This made it tough b/c so many people like the idea of folders. Folders are tangible and they mimic real life. Eventually, Google caved and now you have folders. Did folders solve the clutter problem? Nope. Folders are good if they are not full and you have a handful of important emails that you are constantly referencing. As a productivity tool, they’re pretty useless b/c they eventually grow to an unbearable size.

Fast forward and we have Priority Inbox. Priority Inbox uses the same technology behind Google’s SPAM filters, which I think are awesome. It decides what emails are important and what are not, based on your use. If you reply to certain users, it makes future emails a priority. If you do not, it just goes into your regular inbox. You can also manually set as priority or not. This is smart b/c I was getting to a point where all I did was filter email addresses into different folders b/c I was sick of seeing these emails every 4 hours. I would blast the emaills, but some of the emails are important.

My favorite feature of Priority Inbox is the “star” feature. Gmail has had the “star” feature, but it’s been pretty useless up until now. Now, I can star an email if I have to follow up on something. Now, I have: my priority emails, starred emails and then everything else. The everything else gets looked at, after priorty and star are taken care of. I feel more productive already.

Here is Gmail’s Priority Box video.

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