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With a website, I think the best methodology is to work from the back forward.  What is your ultimate goal and work backwards from that.  For example, if you want them to fill out an application, how do you fluff them into doing this?  Here are some pretty good concepts from Michael Mothnerof of an online marketing firm named Wpromote.  You can read the full article at Inc Magazine Online.

Here are the main points:

  1. Avoid buttons that ask too much.  My personal favorite is not on this list:  “Learn More”.
    1. Best Button:  “Next”
    2. Worst Buttons:  “Free Consultation” or “Get Started”
  2. Your Headline.
    1. Short and simple.
    2. Make sure it prominent and eyes are drawn.
  3. Limit the Navigation.  This is my personal favorite.  I think websites are evolving to look more like an ad as opposed to a website.
    1. On your sign up / contact form remove your other menu options.
  4. Keep the content short and simple.  You don’t want to much data there.  My opinion is that your website is step 1 of a few steps to getting a customer.
    1. You want them to “Like” you on Facebook
    2. Sign up for your newsletter.
    3. Request a consultation.
  5. The Hero image.  This is the main image on your home page.
    1. Make sure it’s personable.
    2. I like short videos.

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