How Can I Get People to Read My Blog?

Up to this point, I really enjoy my blog. I read other articles and blogs and it inspires me, sort of like a form of self expression.

My only complaint is that there are probably 3 people reading my blog. Two are related to me and one is stalker that found me on MySpace 😉

Lately, you all I hear is network and tribe and be a leader. I like this stuff and I think it’s cool. I read Kevin Kelly’s book New Rules for the New Economy and listened to Seth Godin’s book Tribes. So, where do I start? Then I realized that I have a tribe. It’s all my friends and their friends.

I don’t want to be cheezy and solicit them on Facebook like a $10 hooker, so I’m going to just talk to a few friends and see what happens.

Well, I tried marketing close to home and what I call the “personal touch”. I picked up the phone and spoke to a few friends. They all sounded interested. None of them left more than one comment after that. Most of my friends are 9 to 5’ers, so it did not go as well as I would have liked.

Looking back on this post, I realize this much; quality is better than quantity. Getting ten people that blog are better than one hundred that just read and move on.

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