How to influence people and break down their walls

My friend Elias is a good salesman and he sent me this article.  At first, I sighed because the title read Pursuade-People-With-Subconscious-Techniques.  It just sounded creepy to me.  

Well, I was wrong.  As much as I like people that are earnest, I also recognize that you have to break down peoples’ walls, if you want to influence or sell them something.  We are so inundated with offers today that most people’s first reaction is avoidance.  
You can have a great product that people need, but if they have walls up; you’re fighting two battles: getting their attention and showing your product.  
Here is the list that the artlice provides.  I’m going to try and describe each concept in as few words as possible:
  1. Framing – The use of positive or negative words to win people over.  This is the difference between a “cheap” product and an “inexpensive” one.  
  2. Mirroring – Let’s face it, people like other people that they think are like them.  When you mirror another persons movements, it’s like you’re agreeing with them.
  3. Scarcity – Convince people that you offer something rare or different from the next person.  Whether it’s true or not is usually a subjective matter.
  4. Reciprocation – If you want to meet new people, try introducing other people.  It will come back to you.  
  5. Timing – Catch people when they’re happy or tired.  Never catch them when they’re pissed off.  “When” is as important as “what”.
  6. Congruence – This is a jedi mind trick.  Get them to think that they’ve already agreed before they agree.  This is tough and it takes practice.  An example would be to offer them financing before they even buy the car.  
  7. Fluid Speech – Speak deliberate.  If you’re pausing constanly and saying “like” and “umm”, you’re not sure.  If you’re not sure about yourself, the other person will definately not be sure.  
  8. Herd behavior – The Amway people are the pros at this.  They get 20 people in a room.  When in doubt, just get a bunch of people to sign up and many more fall into place.  This is the best solution for indecision.  Empty lines, stay empty.  Lines with people attract other people.  
  9. Man’s best friend – I’m not sure about this one, but having a picture of your family on your desk builds trust.  I guess a dog will work too.
  10. Break the touch barrier – This is the trickiest one and can back fire.  A great example of this back firing is the Seinfeld episode where George is hired by a brazeire company and touches a woman’s jacket and comments smugly just outside of the elevator.  Little did he know that she was the owner of the company and didn’t like short, bald guys touching her.  This was probably the fastest firing in corporate history. 
The most important tip is context.  Context always matters, so think about the situation before you engage these practices.  

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