I can not live without Boomerang for Gmail. Here is why:

I felt compelled to recommend this product.  I’ve been using it for about 2 months now.  Boomerang for Gmail is great and worth every penny of the $4.99 per month.

Why is it so great?  For starters, it makes me look more professional and solves a specific problem.   The problem is that I have a very sporadic work schedule.  I am a partner at a loan software company named Intro XL, and it’s hard to just turn off at night.  If I have a support issue or need to follow up on something, I’d rather take care of it and sleep better at night.

The problem is that I don’t want my customers thinking that we read our email at 10pm at night or they’ll think it’s ok to respond back, email or call me that late.  In the past, I used to save an email as a draft and then put the email in my Gmail Inbox.  It was effective, but a distraction.  Occasionally,  I would forget.  Today, I respond to the email and typically schedule the email for 8am the next day.  If I really want to show off, I’ll send the email at 7 am.

Funny thing, when people see you working at 10pm, they think you’re a procrastinator or a workahalic.  When you’re sending emails out at 7am, you’re an organized go-getter.  Perception is a funny thing.

This also works in my favor another way.  We have big customers and small customers.  We love them all, but small customers seem to have more time on their hands and they like to ask questions.  Responding to them right away sends the wrong message.   If you’re too friendly and responsive they keep pecking at you.  I find the longer you wait to respond to someone, many times, they solve their own problem.  Sure, we provide faster response times for companies that pay us more money, but if it takes five minutes to respond to a small guy, it does not make sense to revisit the topic three hours later.

All of the above is definitely worth the $2.50 per month and it makes my life easier on a personal level.  Here is the reason Boomerang is good for your business.

I’ve found after all those years that one of the biggest difference makers in business (and life) is following up.  So why do so few people do it?  Most likely, they’re not organized.  I can set Boomerang to notify me on a per email basis.  I have the option to notify me “if nobody responds” or automatically.  I can set this to a time period or a time/date in the future.

I find when I follow up with people, I slowly train them to get my stuff done.  No one likes explaining to someone that they forgot or did not prioritize something high enough.  Also, following up shows that it’s important.  I’m getting a lot more done now.  Is that worth the other $2.50 per month?  For me, it’s priceless.

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