Interesting perspective on economics and the environment

A friend of mine sent me this.

I’m not a tree hugger, by any means, but I do think we need to look at how we individually affect the environment.

I don’t agree w/ all of her philosophies, but I will watch b/c it’s well done and thought through. The one point, that I totally agree with, is a shift in our conscienceness. Do we really need all this stuff?

My feeling is that innovation is good and consumerism is bad. They intersect at some point. It’s not like a faucet that you can turn off. The same innovation that gives us that $4.99 clock radio that ends up in a land fill 6 months later is the same type of innovation that solves problems, like the environment.

I also try not to feel sorry for people. Feeling guilty about the hair dryer I bought b/c someone making a $1 per day is nonsensical. People were exploited in American years ago during the Industrial revolution. Without that revolution, we would not have the things we have today.

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