Industries the Internet put out of business

I tried this post out a couple of years ago and could not get it going. Ironically, the WSJ put out a similar article. I’m not surprised by their list, but it worth noting here. Here is their list:

Sector Revenue 2010 (in millions) Decline 2000-2010 Forecast Decline 2010-2016 Establish- ments 2010 Decline 2000-2010 Forecast Decline 2010-2016
Wired Telecommunications Carriers $154,096 -54.9% -37.1% 23,474 -10.5% -15.9%
Mills $54,645 -50.2% -10.0% 9,553 -23.6% -12.8%
Newspaper Publishing $40,726 -35.9% -18.8% 6,128 -28.6% -17.6%
Apparel Manufacturing $12,800 -77.1% -8.5% 2,265 -60.5% -11.3%
DVD, Game & Video Rental $7,839 -35.7% -19.3% 17,369 -34.8% -11.2%
Manufactured Home Dealers $4,538 -73.7% -62.0% 3,968 -56.7% -58.7%
Video Postproduction Services $4,276 -24.9% -10.7% 1,789 -43.2% -37.8%
Record Stores $1,804 -76.3% -39.7% 2,916 -77.4% -11.6%
Photofinishing $1,603 -69.1% -39.1% 7,083 -59.3% -33.3%
Formal Wear & Costume Rental $736 -35.0% -14.6% 2,310 -28.5% -17.0%

Funny how things change. Twenty years ago, you were probably related or knew a travel agent? Today, not so many. The travel agent went the way of the mullet, but guess what, the mullet can come back. Travel agents probably will not.

I want to compile a list of jobs or industries that have gone the way of the dinosaur or the crocodile. You know, a crocodile is a dinosaur, but they don’t exactly rule the earth anymore. What I mean is that they are a fraction of their old self.

Travel agents turned into Internet travel sites.
Classified ads of newspapers are now on Craigslist.
411 calls are not free (800-Bing-411)
Record stores turned into Itunes, Rhapsody, Napster, Amazon and etc.
Video rentals are now being replaced by Netflix, which will soon be replaced by video downloads.

Places people used to go. Now they go here.
Used to go to bars and churches and now they use dating sites.

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  1. Chris
    Posted March 4, 2009 at 5:03 pm | Permalink

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  2. Nick Sparagis
    Posted March 12, 2009 at 10:38 pm | Permalink

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