Kill Your To-Do List

We have a list of to-do’s the size of my leg. I realized along the way that the unimportant items were starting to smother the important items, sort of like weeds in a garden.

Now, killing the list isn’t right, but maybe we should just document this stuff and fo-ge-aboud-it. The reason why I say forget because it’s not typically one nice thing you do for a customer that makes a business successful. You really have to figure out that one, two or three things that makes all your customers successful, including the customers you don’t have, yet.

In the end, you want to make the customers you don’t have, the customers you do have.

So, don’t kill your list. Instead, I would bind, gag and bury it in the back yard. Otherwise, you fall into the biggest sin for an entrepreneur W4W – working for works sake. The second biggest sin is the disease to please.

Let’s face it, it’s about getting new customers. If we just banter on a bunch of items that make individual people happy, you’re taking the long road to success When you work inside your own business, you fail to see the business from the outside in. It’s easy to get caught up and neglect the core issues.

This entry isn’t really about doing things for customers. Do you know what’s going to take your business to the next level. Do I? The job of the owner is to know this. Sometimes, I feel like I’ve been trying things and hoping I get lucky. Could it be paralysis through analysis?

So let’s focus on the big 3 and ignore random requests. Ok. Write them down and then forget about them.

I’m not saying don’t listen to your customers. What I’m saying is listen to all your customers, just not the ones that give you the most problems. Ooops, I said it.

I also want to tell the people I work with: tune me out, when you have to, because progress isn’t the same as success.

So how do I make us relevant?

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