Killing ideas fast. This idea was a mobile app.

I think there is a benefit to killing ideas fast.  I’m not talking about knee jerk reactions.  I’m talking about researching correctly.  The conundrum with business ideas is:

  1. Somebody already did it.
  2. If no one is doing it, is it necessarily a good idea?

Recently, we wanted to start a mobile app for ordering concessions at a sporting or music event.  Sounds like a cool idea?  You enter your seat or scan your ticket, a menu pops up, order and someone brings you all your food and drink. Apparently it’s not that good of an idea.  It’s called FanGo (or Bypass Lane see the bottom)  .  At that time, FanGo raised a little over $550k.  They were looking for another $435k.

  • It did make it to Inc. magazine where a few VC’s proceeded to shoot down the idea.
  • The idea is over two years old and I’ve never heard of it.  Sure, it’s been in Mashable, but it never really made it past that.
  • Then you look at the mobile app.
    • Less than 200 downloads.  This is very telling.
    • 50 1-star versus 68 5-star.  If you remove the friends and family, that’s closer to 10.
    • Not compatible with the most current version of Android, which means they probably trashed it.

Now, they created some buzz, probably realized that there were some major flaws like:

  • Mobile internet at sporting/concert venues sucks b/c of the density of people.  If it’s not instant, it will not work.  Someday, the arena will provide it, but that may not be enough.
  • Sure, the venue’s made more money, but they had to spend money and change the way they do things.

So is it a good idea?  Owners like Ted Leonsis wants to bring it to the Verizon center in DC.

I guess we’ll see what Bypass Lane does.  They look more invested and claim to have 39 venues (Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks and more).  I would love to know the economics.  On the Android side, they have at least 10,000 downloads, but only 63 Android and 65 iPhone reviews.  I still think it’s a cool idea b/c I would use it, but………………….. a dog from a business standpoint because I don’t see the support from the venues and you still have to compete with the stand alone concessions.

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