Long tail and short tail of content

The short tail is right now.  It’s what’s in the news.  Examples are social networking sites or your blog.
The long tale content is the core message.  It’s what makes you relevant 5 years from now and it’s based on a core message.  These are examples: a great book, Google search, Stanley Kubrick and the Marines.  
I think Seth Godin is saying here is don’t spend your money on the short tail.  You need to develop a fan base for that.  If you try and buy these people, it’s only short lived.  Spend your money on the long tail stuff.  The stuff that makes you a household name.  
Seth has two groups of people he targets:  front list and back list.  The front list is going to get his daily blog and can’t get enough of him.  The back list is people that don’t know you and don’t currently read your blog.  You reach them through broader means, like the New York Times or Yahoo’s news.  This is part of your DNA that you can recirculate continuously.  
I think the point is to try and make your back list your front list.  It’s your front list that will use all your products.  
My only issue with this is that the long tail stuff seems to catch on it’s own.  In the end, content wins.  

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