Microsoft’s New Seinfeld Ads

People have been critical of Microsoft’s new commercial featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates.  Some have said that the bit is “nonsensical” and that it has nothing to do with Windows.  

Many also think that the Mac versus PC ads are sheer genuis.  
I feel the exact opposite way.  Personally, I think every time Mac says the word Windows or Vista, it hurts them.  I’m not saying there isn’t validity in what their saying, but here’s the number one issue:  Once people stop talking about you, it’s the beginning of the end.  This is what makes Microsoft’s new campaign ad brilliant.  It’s getting people to talk about Windows again.  
Everyday people are talking about Google or anything Apple (except for the Mac).  Personally, I never thought that Apple competes with Microsoft as much as it competes with HP, Dell and every other computer maker.  
When I buy a new computer, I did not buy Vista.  I bought a Dell and I’ll live with Vista.  
I bought a Dell in the end because it’s worked in the past for me and the new computer is always an upgrade over what I’m currently using.  
Don’t get me wrong.  I love Macs, but I don’t want to unlearn Windows just yet.  Sure, that day is coming, but it isn’t here yet.  The reality is that Windows still works.  
As far as the Mac versus PC commercials, if I was a nobody computer company, I would associate my ads with Microsoft because it puts me in their class.  Apple, in my opinion, is lowering itself to Microsoft’s standards when it does commercials featuring the PC.
I always felt that Apple missed the boat.  If they would have bundled their iPods with computer and sold them together; you would have seen a lot more people buying Macs.  Today, it doesn’t matter because the iPod is getting run out of town by the iPhone.  Someone finally found an iPod killer.  Too bad it’s from the same company.  

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