Please use safe sunscreen on your kids.

Not a business topic, but near and dear to my heart.  Most sunscreens are dangerous.  You have to remember that your skin is an organ.  When you put something on your skin, it’s similar to ingesting it.

The problem is that very effective, reasonably priced, safe sun screen is not always available at the big box stores, until now.  Coppertone came out with Coppertone Sensitive Skin for the face and body.  This product got a 2 rating (1 is the highest rating).  The only downside is that it’s tough to rub in and wash off.  Personally, that’s a perfectly good trade off if it keeps ou safe.  You could call this product the Toyota of sun screens.  Here is the group that tests sun screens.

If you want the Rolls Royce of sun screens, you should look at California Baby.  I’ve been using California Baby on my little guy.  This stuff is amazing.  It blocks everything and rubs in nicely.  The problem is that it’s expensive.  Not a bad thing b/c it’s worth it, but not every family feels comfortable spending a lot of money.

Both these products are available at Target.

To put thinks in perspective, here is the general cost per ounce:

California Baby (marketed towards kids):  $9 per ounce

Coppertone Sensitive Skin (Face):  $4 per ounce

Coppertone Sensitive Skin (Body): $1.40 per ounce

Now, what’s the difference between Coppertone Face and Body?  The Face version probably adds ingredients found in face moisturizers.

These are just two that I think are good.  There are many others that will work for you.  You can view any brand on

What do I use?  I use the Badger, which is hard to find.  I bought Badger at REI Sports.  This stuff blocks everything, which is great.  It’s about $4.75 per ounce and a little goes a long way.  I only use it for face and neck b/c it’s challenging to rub in.  I’m going to use the Coppertone Body for the rest.

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