Selling versus talking

I think salespeople get it wrong a lot . Don’t get me wrong, getting the sale is the point.

The problem with most salespeople is that they so focused on their sales pitch that they forget the single most important fact: It’s not about them. It’s about the customer. This makes the interaction very impersonal. Seth Godin talks about the importance of making communication personal with your customer.

This concept is not there to get you to work more or waste time. It’s there to close more and better deals.

The best sales people are able to engage the customers and get them to talk. The more the customer talks, the better chances you have of getting the sale. They become invested or part of the interaction.

Many people look at their sales goal or quota and treat the customer interaction as a means to an end. They feel like they have to speak to the most prospects, in order to get the most sales. Ultimately, their desire to just “close” drains them of their energy.

Once you have their attention and they are emotional connected, then you can drop the sales pitch.

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