Stop doing what everyone else is doing

Kosta and I keep on thinking of ways we can get exposure for our software company Intro XL.  We can make an eye catching ad and put it in our industry magazine.  That’s fine and it part of the puzzle, but there are ten other companies offering the same thing.  Putting all our hopes in a dramatically better ad than the next guy is a reach.

We decided, at first, to put a classified ad in the magazine.  We’re going to offer a free loan calculator.  I know you can find loan calculators anywhere on the internet, but not the kind our customers use.  No one else is doing it and we’ll be the first.  
This leads to the inspiration for my post.  Seth Godin published a post named Thinking Bigger.  He presents the example of a marketing brochure that goes to it editor and says:

  1. It’s great.
  2. There’s a typo here on page 2.
  3. What if we changed the size of the headline?
  4. Are you open to considering different typefaces and colors?
  5. Where are you going to distribute this?
  6. Why use a brochure? Couldn’t we spend the same money more effectively?
Seth’s comment: “When in doubt, challenge the strategy, not the tactics.”

So that’s what we did and we’ll see what happens.  The biggest reason I’m excited about offering a free tool to get traffic and exposure is that we can measure the ad by using Google Analytics and see if it works.  

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