One of my favorite people, Eckhart Tolle, said: “You can not become successful. You can only be successful.”

So why do the same people consistently succeed and others do not.

Some people succeed on their first try, but most fail a few times. With that being said, the guy that says, running a business is too hard; was probably one and done.

Here are some thoughts that I have, if you want to be successful.

  1. Your desire to succeed has to be greater than your fear.
  2. Fix your karma. If your karma is to run into the same problem over and over again, guess what? It’s your karma. My definition of karma is your mental loop. You can read more on my ideas about Karma here.
  3. Failure is not an option. Practically every success was on the brink of failure. That’s why there’s so few people at the top. The pretenders turn and run when they see success hanging in the balance. Most people’s idea of failure, is a where the successful dig in. This is the achievement that that drives successful people.
  4. It must be effortless. Notice, I did not say hard work. Grinding it out will never get you where you want to go. If you’re grinding things out, you have something in your head holding you back.
  5. You have to believe in your idea. If you don’t see the potential in your business, it will show in everything you do. A half-ass effort, even with good results, will not work in the long run. It will die, with some people relishing in their own “I told you so.” This is their ego sabotaging their own success.

This is the first version of this post. There is still a lot to share.

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