The best sales advice I ever got.

Before you sell, pitch, whatever; establish two things first:  credibility and rapport.  I knew this, but Mark Suster makes it stick in “the Dangers of Crocodile Sales“.

Credibility is proving to them (before they ask), why you’re bothering them.

Rapport is invaluable b/c people don’t buy things from people they do not like or understand.  Rapport builds trust.  Trust is everything.

Sales can be so painful, so do it right and save yourself the heart ache.


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  • By Name-dropping. Is it lame? on June 13, 2011 at 10:47 pm

    […] Let me preface that I’m not a sales dog, which is why sales advice is so important.  I find the two most important ways to develop a sale is credibility and rapport.   You can’t even go into your pitch (or offer) prior to establishing these two items (credibility and rapport).  I covered this in my post titled “The best sales advice I ever got.” […]

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