The word FREE: Friend or Four-letter word?

In the 90’s, if you were giving something away for free; you could start a stampede. “Hey everybody, someone’s giving away free shit.”

Today, if something is for sale, there is a good chance, you can get some or part of it for free. Is this a good thing? Not necessarily because you want to make sure you’re getting what you need.

There are free sites, like Wikipedia; but let’s take a look at Wikipedia a little closer. They have thousands of people working for free. This can’t be good for the economy, but most of these people have jobs or don’t feel like it’s work, so good for them.

Google provides free search, but they don’t let you opt out of seeing adwords? How cool would it be to have a check box next to search that you could check to show ads? Not very cool for Google.

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