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I started using a free, hosted wiki service called If you’re not familiar with wikis, the most famous example is Wikipedia. PBworks uses their own proprietary version of a wiki, so its not open source and you can’t download the source code. Personally, I’m fine with that b/c it’s not easy to administer this type of a tool. Also, who want to waste hours of time when it breaks?

Today, I’m using a wiki for a software project we’re doing. I like the idea of a wiki for documentation purposes. It can also help with organization. Sometimes we make a software change and the details are shortly forgotten. Using the wiki helps get our thoughts together and best of all, it’s collaborative, which means I can get feedback from multiple sources without having to use email. Email is great, but it’s not a collaboration tool. Using email to collaborate is like using a phone to give a speech.

While using the wiki, I think, it’s a great platform for writing a business plan. In my opinion, the business plan isn’t as important as your investors knowing you’ve done your due diligence. The wiki keeps you organized. It’s also easily shareable. Then again, if you sent someone to your wiki to view your business plan, they probably would laugh at you. Doesn’t mean they will not invest 😉

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