When to ask for the sale?

Does it hurt to ask for a sale?” Yes, it can hurt and leave a mark. Seth Godin uses an excellent example:

“You run into Elton John at the diner and say, “Hey Elton, will you sing at my daughter’s wedding?” it hurts any chance you have to get on Elton John’s radar. You’ve just trained him to say no, you’ve taught him you’re both selfish and unrealistic.”

I know a sale has a good chance of happening when the potential customer starts voluntarily providing information, especially stuff I didn’t ask for.

How do you get to the point. I think customers preconceived notions of you or your company helps. This has to do with your companies marketing and image.

Tactically, when you have them engaged in a conversation, it has to show genuine interest in wanting to help people. I also find that giving them some good information opens that door wider. You always want people wanting more. Once you’ve given everything up, there’s no reason to do business with you anymore.

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