When Your Thoughts Start Working Against You

If you think about your life, most of us feel that we’re not there yet:  career, relationship, status, money.

Our minds are clouded by the 1%.  I call this the life lottery people.  Our minds, the Greeks called this the ego, second guess everything we do.  The reality is that it’s not as simple as putting in the work.  A lot of stars must align.  I’m not saying that you can’t be successful.  Everyone can be successful.  I’m just saying that you can’t be Bill Gates because Bill Gates was in the right place, at the right time, with the right idea.  And….no one has invented a time machine.  What he did is in the past, so it’s too late anyway.

But how about feeling good about what you have or who you are?  Not feeling good enough has been a driving force for many of us.  It’s forced us to work harder, but does that really get us ahead?  The real question is “Ahead of what?”

The obstacles we create in life.  No one in your life can harm you more than your thoughts can harm you.  You may think your mother, brother, neighbor, co-worker are your biggest problem.  They’re not.  It’s your thoughts about these people that can make you unhappy.  You may have a poor relationship with one or more of these people, but it’s thinking about it that makes us miserable.  It’s rare that these people are out to get us.  Ironically, they probably think you are their problem.  These thoughts, in conjunction, is what creates animosity and forces these relationships into a downward spiral.  How do you stop this?  First you stop thinking about it.  The easiest way is to come to the realization that what’s happened is in the past.  You can not change the future either.  You can only change now.  Can you make it right with this person?  Maybe?  Maybe not?  If you can’t just move on.  Drop the problem and move forward.  Some problems never get solved b/c they’re not real problems.  They are problems we create for ourselves to suppress the real problem.  Only you know what you’re real problem is.  If you ignore that, you’ll always look for something else to be unhappy about…a distraction.

So can you fix these relationships?  Probably not.  The reason being is that you can only control how you think or feel about a person.  They may never get past that.  I will guarantee when you put you feelings and thoughts down, so does your angst about the person.

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