Why Am I Doing This

I think I should get in the practice of doing this everyday – asking myself, “What’s the point?” or “Why am I doing this?”. This leads to another question: “Why am I asking myself, why am I doing this?. I think this is a dangerous scenario to avoid.

I guess in the end, action is better than inaction; and success is better than failure.

I see so many people working hard, grinding it out and they’re just getting enough out of life. They have to think every time they go out to dinner, “Should I be doing this?”. The answer typically is, “I work hard. I earned it”, but do the people that get ahead work that much harder or do they work at all. I guess if you believe the only way to get ahead is working hard that’s probably what you’re going to do.

Personally, I think it’s the decisions you make that put you in a position to work hard. Hard work, without being in the right position is probably going to get wasted. It’s sort of like speeding in your car in the wrong direction.

I’m a little confused because many successful companies are putting out new products that are hit or miss. For example, Google has a myriad of products, but 90% of these you’ve never heard of or don’t use. This is a little scary because Google can put out a new widget that clips toe nails and it will be plastered throughout the web media. Actually, that would be a cool product. I wonder how many toes would be lost in Beta?

I guess you have to have a winner, like search for example, then you start throwing stuff at the wall until something sticks. I’m not sure if that’s right; but the writing is on the wall. It’s time to find a winner.

There are many answers out there; but what is THE answer. I guess this is a question, you have to work from the back forward. What life style is going to make you happy and what’s it going to take (money)? This bothers me a little because I feel like if you aim low, you don’t get very far. If feel like I’m creating a ceiling for myself. Then again, we’re trying to be conservative. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t stop if something took off because I paid off my house and now I can watch TV all day.

I guess my advice to myself is don’t think. Do something that will help other people more than it will help you. Then you Do. Then figure out as fast as possible, if the idea has legs.

Someday you’ll replace my biggest mistake with my best mistake.

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