Why healthcare will never be fixed

The main reason healthcare will never be fixed is that the end users are completed divided.  You have three camps:

  1. Employed people that could care, but don’t b/c their employer pays the bill.
  2. People that have to scramble to get insured on their own.
  3. People that would not pay for healthcare, even if it was affordable.

Today, #1 and #2 pays for #3, while #2 subsidizes alot of the #1 people.  How do the self insured subsidize the employed-insured?  Well, when you have someone that is uninsurable  that gets insurance from their employer, everyone has to cover them.  If they were individuals, they would not be covered at all.

The self-insured people are just not enough to make change.  We need the smart, harding working employed people to join us.  As long as they get health benefits from their employer, they sympathize with people that have insurance difficulties, but it’s really not their problem.  If Obama was smart, he would make health care, everyone’s problem.  This is when change happens.

Where I think President Obama is going to get burned is with group #3.  He thinks this group will pay for insurance, if the government makes it affordable.  Some will pay, but most will continue to do everything in their power to work the system, whether health care is affordable or not.

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