You are not You. Weird…but true.

Let’s start at the end and work our way back.  When you die, what happens to the energy that gave you life?  Nobody knows.

Let’s strip ourselves down to the basic.

First layer – Our bodies, which are made up of our  brain, skin, hair, arms, legs and all the other body parts and organs.  

Next layer – Our lives, which is our situation.  The people around us – family, friends and everyone else that knows us.

Next layer – Our possessions – Our glasses, clothes, car and everything else we own.

These  layers make up our identity.  Everything that comes in contact with our, is part of our identity, especially our thoughts.  We exist in our present form (enter your name) b/c we recognize ourselves.  This is reinforced when other people recognize us.  It’s so real that it’s the only thing we can believe.

Ever wonder what the world is like without you?  Sure, a few people will remember you.  If you’re in the history books, your memory lives a little longer.  Most of us disappear after three or four generations.  I, personally, do not know any of my parents’ grandparents.  Not even their names.

The strongest proof that we exist is being alive.  I just don’t buy that when we die, nothing is left.  I believe the thing that gave us life continues.  It’s not something that has a beginning or an end, which is why we can’t comprehend it.

You may say that I feel this way b/c I’m afraid to die.  I don’t want to die today, but I do not fear it.  We die for a lot of reasons.  I hope mine is because I’m old and after I’ve lived my life.

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