You get rich on your free time.

Let me qualify that I am not rich (yet).  One of the problems I see is people that are constantly working for someone else or themselves.  They do not have the time, or maybe the ambition, to improve their situation.  You do this on your free time b/c what you do during the week is work and it’s hard to get rich working.

So what can I be doing in my free time.   This relates to business and money or anything else you want to be great at, like music, sports, bird watching, etc.

  1. I can network with other people that are trying to get ahead.
  2. You can develop ideas that get you closer to your goal.

I remember listing to some Rich Dad Poor Dad cds and he said one (of many) things that sticks with me and I’ll paraphrase:  “If you look around and see who you spend your time with, you’ll see your future.”  Now, by no means does this mean try and be friends with rich and successful people.  If that’s what you want, fine, but what it means to me is that if you’re not in the right circles, it’s hard to get ahead.  You don’t have to neglect your family or friends, just make a higher priority to being around others that want to get ahead.  IMHO, no one complains about the 50 hours you spend at your job, but if you want to grow your network for five hours a week, some friends and family start feeling neglected.  You have to ignore this.


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